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The indicator FapTurbo is a tool of technical analysis, which doesn’t only analyze the situation in the market, but also opens lucrative deals instead of you, memorizing all the results. It is one of the relatively old tools of technical analysis, as it is already actively used by traders for the last ten years. This robot functions by already existing indicators: the RSI and the Moving Averages. You can choose absolutely any settings and filters for this tool:

  • Filter of the timeframe;
  • Filter of the trend;
  • Filter of the volatility;
  • Filter of the noise.

By the way, all the settings are already set by default for trading by the most popular currency pair EUR/USD, which has a lot of fans. If you also want to trade this pair, then you shouldn’t change the settings, when you are starting to work with the indicator. This robot was tested by the most famous brokers and by many professional traders. However, if you still doubt, check the functions of this tool on the demo account, before risking real money and you will make sure, that this is an excellent and reliable helper and it is much easier to trade with it.

Trading with FapTurbo

Before starting to trade, you need to download and install the FapTurbo on your platform. Better to use MetaTrader4 or its newer version, Metatrader5. You can download the robot for free on the website MTDownloads, by selecting any version you need. Downloading and installing will not take much time and in a few minutes, you can start trading with this robot.

You can’t trade with the tool FapTurbo on brokers with high spreads because it is the only thing, that can negatively affect your profits. The higher is the spread; the more likely your success will be deplorable. Optimum ranges are within 2 points, and you should focus on this figure when choosing a broker for trading with this tool of technical analysis. Remember, that unscrupulous brokers, who don’t have a license, can have the "floating spread, " and you shouldn’t work with them, as these brokers reserve the right to increase the spreads at any time, and most often it happens at night. Always pay attention first and foremost to broker spreads, as only this information will give you the answer to the question, of whether it is worthwhile to trade with this broker, using such an instrument of technical analysis, as FapTurblo.

Here are several currency pairs, which are better to choose for trading in the Forex market with the FapTurbo tool:

  • GBP/USD;
  • EUR/CHF;
  • USD/CHF;
  • USD/CAD;
  • GBP/CHF.

A distinctive feature of this robot is its functionality only on 4 and 5-digit quotations, and it is better not to take risks and not to use it on any other quotes. The universal advice says, that if you want to have a winning strategy, you should trade only by the EUR/USD pair on a 15-minute timeframe, using FapTurbo and in this situation, your risks will be minimal, and the profit will be high.

Strategies for FapTurbo

Most often this robot is used by pip traders, who are trading with such strategy as scalping, opening the transactions with minimum time frames (up to 15 minutes). The only minus is the particular time of this robot’s activity, as you can see all its advantages only at night. Moreover, the positions are opened in the period from 9 to 11 pm, and during the rest of the evening, it is better to close deals only and don’t forget to check, that until the morning, all transactions are closed. The profit offsets this relatively small drawback it brings to a trader, as according to statistics, overnight one can earn more than 5% of the starting deposit.

In addition to scalping, you can also use another trading strategy - long-term trading, but using it, you will not be able to choose any currency pair, because the best results you will see only on the EUR/USD pair. Of course, in this strategy, we are talking about long time frames (within one month and more), and it is worth noting, that the long-term strategy is not as popular among the traders, who are using FapTurbo, as scalping, but it also has its fans.

All in all, choosing this trading indicator as your assistant, you are making yourself free from 90% of work and put it on the robot’s shoulders, as the robot will be trading instead of you and you will only need to get profit. Download this great indicator of any version right now from the MTDownloads website for free.