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The indicator of quantitative-qualitative estimation, which is called simply QQE, is the tool of technical analysis, which helps calculate and determine short periods of a trend and give accurate signals of entering into the market. This robot is one of the oscillators and one of the candle instruments of the technical analysis. It is universal because it analyzes the market from two perspectives: quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, the forecasts of this robot are as accurate as possible.

Trading with QQE

This tool is built into Metatrader4 and its newer modification, MetaTrader5. A trader can download the new version of the robot for free on the MTDownloads website.

Work with this tool isn’t easy, so it's more popular among the experienced traders, but a novice in the world of trading can try to work with this indicator too. In some ways, its work is similar to the standard RSI indicator, which is the core of this robot, but it is very different from its ancestor being its improved version. The primary option of this technical analysis tool is its smoothing. The tool is displayed as two lines in a separate window of the platform:

  • The fast line - solid, blue, the main signal line on the chart;
  • The slow line - dotted, red or yellow (depending on the platform and preferences of a trader.)

Using this instrument, you can determine the direction of the market trend:

  • If the fast line is above the level 50, the trend is bullish (upward);
  • If the fast line is below the level 50, the trend is bearish (downward).

There is also the middle line, which is located at the level of 50. You receive signals when the blue line goes beyond the 50 level and crosses the yellow dotted line. If you just start to use this robot, here are some universal tips to make your trading more comfortable:

  • If the blue line crosses the yellow from the bottom and both are below the level 50, you should buy the asset;
  • If the blue line crosses the yellow from the top and both are above the level 50, the asset should be sold.

Traders often use this tool for a scalping strategy, but it can be an excellent addition to other strategies too. Also, the robot is used for binary options trading. It can be utilized separately and in combination with the other tools of technical analysis. It correctly interacts with the moving averages and with the Bollinger bands. You can even choose a time frame of any length since the QQE indicator works equally well at any time intervals, which makes it an indispensable assistant in trading.

Advantages and disadvantages of the QQE trading tool

Like any indicator, the tool has both pros and cons. Talking about each of them is useful since everything is rather ambiguous within this indicator.

A huge advantage is its combination of the two most critical parameters, as the other indicators often give you either a quantitative assessment of the market or a qualitative one. However, among traders, it is a very controversial fact, and many of them believe that this indicator doesn’t give any quantitative indicators, but shows results only in the qualitative ones. Others say that this indicator is useful from both perspectives. To check this information, you need to try trading with QQE robot on the demo account. The next advantage is also very questionable. It's about the complex calculations, which the indicator conducts to give a signal. The positive side is that the signals are accurate, sharp, and very rarely false.On the other hand, if you don’t have a perfect computer, information will be processed long enough, and the processor of the PC may also stop working altogether. The indexes of the indicator are rarely delayed in comparison to others, and it doesn’t happen even during the periods of high volatility in the market, which makes it a perfect choice for all traders in Forex. One more convenient function of the robot is the sound alerts about the signals, which can be customized to be immediately aware of the most favorable entry points into the market.

All in all, this tool has much more advantages than disadvantages. Despite the fact that this tool is a modification of the existing RSI indicator, it also has the upgraded versions such as QQE New Histo. If you haven’t tried trading with this tool, you should start, and you will not regret. Download the indicator of Quantitative-Qualitative Estimation on the MTDownloads website for free right now.