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How to run the indicator?

Monday, 3 July 2017 08:59

Indicators are used to analyze the past and current price information to help traders predict future price movement. In addition to a wide variety of technical indicators included in the platform, all traders can create their Custom Indicators based on specified factors. In MetaTrader 4, Custom Indicators are created, setup, and launched using the same process as advisors (see the Expert Advisor Creation section of this tutorial.)

So, after you downloaded the indicators from the online source, you need to launch them in the MT4 terminal. Find and copy the custom MT4 indicator file on your computer. Their icons look like an exclamation mark. Next, open the "data" folder → open the MQL4 file → open the "indicators" folder → paste the files → restart MetaTrader 4.

Once all the actions are completed, restart the trading terminal. To apply the indicators to the charts, you need to reset the MetaTrader4 platform, select the option "Navigator" in the menu, and launch the "Custom Indicators" function. In this tab, you will see the indicator previously set. Double-click on the indicator, then the "Indicator Properties" window will appear – click "Ok."