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Info is a Forex trading indicator, which displays a trader's profit for different periods of time as well as in different units (points, currency, percentages, and lots.)

The benefit of such a tool is evident - a trader gets the opportunity to analyze his trading results soberly, with no time and efforts wasted on manual calculation. This indicator will be useful for newcomers to the foreign exchange market, who want to assess their skills correctly and who need to form their behavior strategy on the market.

This indicator is straightforward; all the data is displayed in the shape of a simple table, where all the required numbers are highlighted with different colors (colors can be changed in the settings.) Formulas and the maximum of statistics - that's how the Info Indicator was created.

Application of the indicator

Many applications allow you to calculate profits as well as to convert the earnings to dollars, from dollars to lots, etc. The Info Indicator operates automatically displaying the sum of money in points, lots, currency, and percentages.

Also, the profit is presented relative to different time frames:

  • Current earnings (positive number value means profit, negative value means loss);
  • Profit for the last period (the program displays several lines, with the profit value for the previous few days);
  • Profit for week;
  • Profit for month;
  • Profit for a quarter;
  • Profit for the year.


At the same time, for newcomers who want to get used to the Forex market and understand the whole mechanism of the calculations, it's worth to learn how to calculate the profit on their own. It is easy to do using two formulas of calculating the profit and loss from the sale and purchase, respectively.

  • To buy, use the following formula:

Buy Profit/Loss = (Close Price × Contract) - (Open Price × Contract);

  • For sale the following formula is used:

Sell Profit/Loss = (Open Price × Contract) - (Close Price × Contract),

Profit/Loss is the amount of profit/loss in the currency of the quotation,

Contract - the contract value in the primary currency,

Close Price - the price of a currency pair when the position is closed,

Open Price - the price of a currency pair when the position is open.

Profit calculation

A trader needs to know how the profit and loss are calculated in trading to manage the capital effectively. As an example, we will consider an option of the profit calculation with a reverse quote and a constant point value. Many traders prefer the leverage value of 1:100, which means that if there is $1,000 on the account, then it's possible to use the amount 100 times bigger, $100,000.

Suppose that a trader buys euros for dollars (EUR/USD) at the cost of 1.3500. It means that it's possible to purchase 10,000 euros for $13,500. When the exchange rate rises to 1.3600, a trader can close the position as its value has grown by $100. These hundred dollars mean a net profit of the transaction. To convert this money into points, we use one currency lot and get the result of $10 for one item.

You can calculate the profit in points, to translate these values into dollars subsequently. For example, if a transaction with a currency pair brings 100 profit points, then when a trader purchases 0.1 lots in the conditions of an upward market, these hundred points will mean one hundred dollars of profit.

A lot of people trade currency pairs with direct quotes, for example, the US dollar - the yen (USD/JPY). Suppose the exchange rate is 120.70. In this case, it's possible to open a purchase transaction of 1 207 000 yen for 10 000 dollars. If the price moves down, the trader will close the deal at 120.20. It is a difference of 50 points, and in this case, a trader loses $5,000 ($50 with a leverage of 1:100).

It's worth to consider the profit calculation of the cross-currency exchange rates (GBP/JPY, CHF/JPY, or EUR/JPY). In this case, the value of the item still depends on the rate at the exit moment. The profit can be calculated if you determine the cost of an item using the following formulas:

  • Item = (Lot × Minimum price change) / N;
  • Item = (Lot × Minimum price change) × N.

Where N is the exchange rate of a currency pair of the US dollar and another currency that is located on the right side of the pair. In this case, the division operation is performed. If the dollar is located on the left side of the currency pair, multiplication is performed.


The Info indicator is a simple tool which helps any trader to quickly calculate the profit and the loss, controlling his finances. A trader doesn't need to calculate the profit in points, dollars, lots, etc., since the indicator can easily do it for him. This tool also includes the ability to track earnings at different intervals, which is just indispensable for beginners who want to evaluate the effectiveness of their trading methods.