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Scalper is a tool of technical analysis, which is one of the main things in the strategy of pips traders. They use the scalping strategy, which is based on the opening of a vast number of short-term deals. During the recent years, many scalpers have appeared, and each of them has pros and cons, but each of them is a trader's assistant. Let's analyze Scalper below. 

Types of scalpers

Scalping is suitable even for novice traders because it doesn’t require specialized knowledge of technical analysis but, it is better to have at least an idea of this type of analysis. It will help you understand the specificity of all the scalp experts. The only characteristic, which unites all the scalpers is a sophisticated algorithm of work, which is caused by the need to open and close transactions quickly at the favorable time and a simple algorithm wouldn’t simply have coped with this task.

Robots for scalping:

  • The Forex Turbo Scalper is an indicator, which determines the trend. The three lines display it on the chart (blue - the bullish trend, red - the bearish trend, and yellow - the flat). With this robot, it is better to choose the timeframes: M5, M10, and M15;
  • The Paramon Scalp is an advisor for such currency pairs as EUR/USD and GBP/USD. It gives exact entry points to the market. For it, the time frame M15 is used. It is one of the most modern tools of technical analysis;
  • The 100 pips today scalper is a tool of technical analysis, which can be used absolutely with any currency pair. It is better to choose time frames in the range of M1-M15. On the graph, this robot is displayed by the usual line of one of the colors (red is a bearish trend; yellow is a bullish trend). This indicator provides clear entry points to the market;
  • The JJJ Scalper ATR is an advisor, which signals the entry points to the market for any currency pairs in the time periods M15 and M30. In addition to the entry points, this robot also calculates the optimal Take Profit and Stop Loss;
  • The Zommer Pro is a trading robot, which was developed by the Ichimoku indicator, the Moving Averages, and the Fibonacci levels. A distinctive feature of this Expert Tool is its presentation in the form of a table, not of a graph. Moreover, it works simultaneously on several time frames. The table consists of squares of different colors (green - the bullish trend, red - the bearish trend, and yellow - the flat);
  • The PN-Day Scalp is a trading advisor, which filters loss-making transactions and opens, those that will bring 100% profit. You can use it with any time frames. It works in conjunction with such an indicator as the Trailing Stop;
  • The Pipjet is the tool of technical analysis, which analyzes the overall situation in the market and filters false signals, leaving only the profitable ones. It shows better results when the market is flat, and also it gives accurate signals only at night;
  • The Supernova is an advisor, which can be used even with the highly volatile financial instruments, that’s why It is an excellent choice for trading in the Forex market. Using it, you can choose any timeframe;
  • The Pipsniper is a robot, which gives rare signals in comparison to the others, but its entry points are always profitable, and it also belongs to the group of night indicators;
  • The Laguerre Scalper is a robot, which combines several trading tools and is designed specifically for the EUR/USD currency pair and the M15 timeframe;
  • The Crazy Scalper is a trading tool, which opens most of all deals with the minimum period, but it doesn’t provide risks to account;
  • The Smart Scalper is a trading advisor, which opens orders according to the movement of the trend line, bringing the trader a stable profit of 50%;
  • The Stenoboy is a robot, which is working on the breakthroughs of the maximum and minimum levels. It is used only for trading by the EUR/USD currency pair with the M15 timeframe.

Each of the robots mentioned above can be downloaded from the MTDownloads website for free.

Terms of trading with Scalper

It's important to remember that scalping is a particular trading strategy.You always need to remember several key points:

  • The financial instrument you have chosen for trading must have high liquidity;
  • A broker is selected with low spreads;
  • A financial instrument must be stable, which means it must have low volatility;
  • The broker shouldn’t take additional commissions and fees;
  • It is necessary to monitor the changes in the prices of financial instruments and to conduct their technical and fundamental analysis.

Trading with Scalper is very straightforward and understandable as you have to press a couple of buttons and to get a profit. Download the scalper on the website MTDownloads for free and see all the benefits right now.