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Turbo Profit is an automated system that supports the methodology of trend trading. A unique feature is that it has a virtual logic, multiple levels of graph analysis, and a comprehensive menu. Free download of the latest version of the Forex Turbo Profit is available on the MTDownloads website. The portal also has detailed instructions for installing the program in the terminal.

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The further technological progress goes, the easier it is for us to live and work. Previously, traders had to manually keep track of price movements and almost draw pictures with a pencil on paper, however, you can automate trading by using special software and not sit at the monitor. There is a huge number of trading assistants, and it is challenging to find a system that smoothly integrates into the trading platform supporting the author's trading strategy. Below we will review one of the most popular and universal Forex trading advisors - Turbo-profit.

Advisors in their essence are created for automated trading. It is the first trading robot takes attention of a more experienced trader who strives to have a stable income. Trading is hard work, which does not allow any pauses. To succeed, it is necessary to carry out fundamental and technical analysis, i.e. to be aware of the key world news and monitor the price of an asset, make predictions, etc. All these actions take a lot of time and efforts, so traders prefer to spend their precious resources on finding an efficient trading assistant, which will facilitate further work and help make a profit.

Functional Features

Developers of the Turbo-profit adviser tried to include all the most useful algorithms in the program so that it could be selected among all other indicators. It can analyze the current situation in the market according to user settings and follow any trading strategy, even the hardest.

The program was modified several times, and the best version is represented in the market currently. It eliminates time delays, contains a powerful filter for false signals, and its interface is easier to understand. However, the assistant works stable even with the loss of connection with the server using the virtual levels of trade. The robot is equipped with additional logic that quickly restores its work and continues trading as usual.

This assistant shows excellent results when working with the following currency pairs:

  • USD - JPY,
  • USD - EUR,
  • USD - GBP.

It is recommended to use time frames from М5 to Н1.


The trading advisor can be configured as you like. In the latest version at the MTD, this advisor has integrated multifunction panel. A trader can set up the time frames and allowable deviation graph line. It is also possible to adjust the price, the distance between orders, and the rest standard settings. Also, Turbo Profit works with layers, which means different ways of building virtual levels on the same chart. Three layers are the best option as they will not overload the system and will be able to maintain the pace.

The most interesting about the robot is the following:

  • Exposing the initial lot by yourself, you can fix its configuration;
  • With the release of the latest version, traders have an opportunity to close the order on the algorithm and not to turn to it again;
  • Turbo Profit does not place pending orders;
  • The automatic opening/closing of an order is based on the virtual horizontal levels of the trading grid, which minimizes the risk of mistakes while performing any action.

Logic blocks

As it was mentioned, the indicator is equipped with virtual logic, which maintains continuous work, even if the connection to the server is lost. Let us examine this structure more:

  1. The basic logic is involved in the ordinary functioning of the trading grid. You can trust Turbo Profits or perform actions by yourself;
  2. If there is a failure, auxiliary logic switches on. It results in closing of orders on averaged volume based on the total trailing stop;
  3. The control logic is the most important part of the algorithm. Its function is to control the settings of taking profit and stop loss, which prevents additional losses.

Turbo Profits is an efficient automated trading system that will be appropriate for traders of all skill levels. It has a virtual logic, continues to work if you lost connection to the server, has many settings that help trader maintain his unique strategy.

Download the latest version of Turbo Profit on MTDownloads website right now and let the trading assistant work for you.