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PipZu is a highly adaptable trading robot for the Forex market. The algorithms of such a robot vary depending on the time intervals and are based on an analysis of the current market situation, which helps the PipZu EA make the most profitable trades with the minimum risk of losses.

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Any of the Forex participants have seen a lot of robots, and their effectiveness differs. Disadvantages of the automated trading systems are determined by the complexity of the very nature of the financial market. The currency market is constantly changing under the influence of both technical factors (power balance among the traders) and the fundamental ones (the political events, natural disasters, and even a trader's mood.) For such a reason, it's tough to create a robot with the flexible algorithm system that is always able to adapt to changes in the market conditions.

The PipZu stands out among other trade advisors with its high adaptability, which the developers considered the primary goal.

Features of the PipZu

This adviser is used for EUR/USD. The basic version of the PipZu advisor was created to work on the H1 time frame. Later, the version of PipZu was also released and was designed for the M15 time frame.

It is worth noting the transaction reliability: the robot provides 91% of profit, with a low level of the drawdown of 11%. However, a trader will need to get used to the fact that the robot doesn't open the positions often: according to statistics, it makes about two deals a week, which exceeds the trading frequency of some other robots, but may not be enough for the active traders.

The pros of the PipZu robot is its ability to work with the accounts of any size. It makes it easier to start working with since a trader can test it in real conditions risking the minimal money. In fact, most users state that this tool provides the lowest percentage of risk, among the similar advisers. Developers managed to achieve such results not only due to the algorithm flexibility but also with the help of the accurate time frame analysis - the robot always chooses the most appropriate time to enter the position.


The PipZu advisor can surely be called one of the most reliable trading robots. It easily changes its behavior, depending on the market dynamics, and adapts to new conditions. However, it's recommended to get used to the robot in a test mode, before starting to work on real accounts.