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Forex Apocalypse

Forex Apocalypse is a trading adviser for financial markets, which allows you to make transactions as well as to predict the market direction performing most of the necessary analytical operations without a trader's participation.

The main advantage of the Forex Apocalypse, just like the other advisers, is the possibility to exclude the human factor. Any trader has emotions changing all the time, especially in restless and volatile conditions of the foreign exchange market. As a result, even experienced traders sometimes make unsuccessful transactions guided by the fear of losing profits or the desire to earn more than possible.

Advisers are a class of robots that include the correctly selected indicators with the constantly monitored and analyzed data. These robots are able to analyze the market as well as to open and close transactions around the clock with no fatigue and emotions. The robot doesn't expect sudden benefit from an unsuccessful deal closing it before the losses grow. The robot can also instantly open a winning trade, the same second the positive indicator signals arrive. Thus, the Forex Apocalypse is a complete trading strategy that operates in an automatic mode, and requires a least trader's participation.

How does the Advisor work

Mostly, this advisor is based on the CCI indicator (Commodity Channel Index). The robot makes transactions according to the indications of this tool. Donald Lambert, the author of the oscillator, created it to determine the trend reversal points on the commodity exchanges. Consequently, this indicator became very popular among all traders working in the currency exchanges. CCI is based on the cyclical asset movement theory, where the minimum and maximum price values appear with a certain periodicity. In addition, the Commodity Channel Index measures speed of the price moves in a certain time interval.

CCI is calculated using the following formula:


Where the TP means Typical Price:



The Mean Deviation is calculated using the following formula:


Generally, the value of such an indicator fluctuates in the range of -100 ... +100 depending on the number of periods the construction. If you select a larger number of periods, the indicator values will often move within the given interval. Conversely, the indicator becomes more volatile during small periods, and the signals appear in this range less frequently. The author of the tool built his strategy exactly on the values bigger than +100 and smaller than -100.

Working with the Forex Apocalypse

Taking into account the main values of the Commodity Channel Index placed within the range of -100 ... +100, this tool signals to buy/sell rarely - about 20-30% of the oscillator operating time.

This feature of the CCI indicator is directly seen during operations of the Forex Apocalypse robot. The trading signals are reliable and verified, but they are quite rare, which is noted by all the traders. The greater time frame the analysis passes within, the slower a single candle is drawn. Thus, the adviser will make the deals less often. Due to these reasons, use of the short time frames will be reasonable, which is a good for the scalping method supporters.

This robot also shows the overbought and oversold levels based on data of the CC Index. The oversold state of the currency pair is indicated by the value below the -100 mark, and the overbought state – by the values above the +100. The indicator gives a buying signal when the price falls below the -100 level again, crossing it from the bottom to top. Similarly, selling signals come in case of the price crossing the +100 mark from top to bottom.

It's worth noting that working with the Forex Apocalypse, a trader gets rid of the need to track the indicator signals or assess the indications. The robot monitors the oversold zones and overbought assets without a trader and makes the deals when it's necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the Forex Apocalypse are obvious - it's extremely simple to use, which makes it a convenient tool, even for the currency exchange beginners. Reliability of the deals was approved by most traders.

However, a trader should not expect a stable and a frequent profit from such a robot. The number of the deals made can amount only one or two per month. Additionally, all traders who like to change the bet size should note that this advisor doesn't support the dynamic lots.


Just like the other trading advisors, the Forex Apocalypse is a simple and convenient trading tool that is able to perform all the main trading work and make the reliable transactions. However, despite the simplicity of such a tool, all beginners should get used to the specifics of the work first as well as test it on a demo account. Consequently, it will be possible to start the real work confidently.