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How to determine if a script runs correctly?

Monday, 3 July 2017 08:50

A script is a mini program, which can shut down as any other computer program can. It is important to learn the process of installing and running scripts, and also save the sequence after you have started to work.

The presence of the 'Remove script' command in the context menu means that the script runs. You can also check the status of the script in the journal entries (tab "Script" and "Journal" on your platform). Besides, some scripts display their activity in the upper right corner of the used chart.

There are several possible reasons why the script does not perform its task: incorrect installation, incorrect parameter's change, or you just did not close the platform before restarting. It is necessary to remember that the script performs its task only once at the time of launch. For this task to be performed again, a trader must first close the program and then start it again. The script will not work for the second time on its own.