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How to stop a script?

Monday, 3 July 2017 08:55

Scripts are specially developed programs for the MetaTrader4 platform and intended to perform a single action. Their primary purpose is simplifying the operations that traders usually do. The script is developed in such a way that after a single execution, it is deleted. Only after the second run, it will perform a new similar operation.

As we already described earlier, scripts are easy to install on the MT4 platform. It is not difficult to modify its primary and additional settings. It's also easy to stop a script by just deleting it.

Mostly, a script itself stops working after its task is completed, but it can also be disabled manually. To remove a script from the chart, you need to go to the context menu and select the "Delete Script" option. The script will be deleted from the graph after the symbol or time frame is changed.

Do not forget that all scripts will be automatically disabled after the MT4 terminal is closed! Therefore, if you need the script to repeat a particular task in the terminal - you must restart MetaTrader 4.