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Genesis Matrix Trading Strategy

Monday, 30 October 2017 01:00
Стратегия Genesis Matrix Trading

Genesis Matrix trading strategy is one of the best systems for intraday trading. It’s an improved version of the well-known Symphonie Trader System trading technique.

The advantage of the first one is that it uses indicators without redrawing, which discouraged novice traders from using it. Although in general, both strategies show good results. Below you can find the information how to use the Genesis Matrix Trading method to get a profit.


Main Settings of the Genesis Matrix Trading Strategy

Genesis Matrix works best with pairs that include the euro: EUR/USD, EUR/JP,  EUR/GBP. You can also get a good profit on the AUD/USD pair.

Optimal timeframes are M1-M15. It’s best to use M5. Experienced traders can use higher periods, but they need to be carefully tested.

Indicators Used

To implement the presented strategy, a trader should use the following indicators simultaneously:

  • The Genesis indicator is the primary technical tool of the system. This robot was added to the Symphonie Trader System, and it doesn’t redraw. On the graph, it’s presented as four lines of white-red squares. Each line is a separate indicator. That is, in fact, there are four different trading robots: TVI, CCI, T3, and GHL.
  • Classic Stochastic. It works on the timeframe of the traded currency pair.
  • Stochastic MTF with the M15 period.
  • FXI Pivots - this robot forms the support and resistance levels.
  • GMTS-Dash - this tool is quite sensitive to the signals of the Genesis indicator. In the conditions of the Genesis Matrix system, the GMTS-Dash indicator shows the indicators for M5 - H1 periods.
  • Arrow – it’s an arrow trading robot, used as an informative tool only. You don’t need to pay particular attention to this tool entering the market.
  • Moving Average with a period of 5.
  • Heiken Ashi candlesticks.

The figure below shows how the chart will look if all the technical analytical tools above are added to it.


Entering the Market by Genesis Matrix

You need to open an order if you see the following situation on the chart:

  • There are 4 Genesis cubes of the same color.
  • Stochastic lines intersected beyond the oversold and overbought zone.
  • Heiken Ashi candlestick closed above or below the moving average.
  • Stochastic MTF moves towards the deal.

The Arrow marks can be an additional condition. But even if there are no such indications, you can enter the market. If the arrow appears for several candles, it may be worth closing the position.



100008-рис 4

Stop Loss must be placed above or below the nearest corresponding extremum.


  • You do not need to enter a position if you see that the stop is too big;
  • At the end of the European session, all the remaining orders should be closed;
  • When the profit reached 20 points, you need to move the position to a breakeven, that is, move the Stop Loss to the opening price.

Summary about the Market by Genesis Matrix

Genesis Matrix Forex Strategy is a proven assistant for many traders. A lot of tests showed that, no matter how much pairs were traded, the number of drawdowns in total is 3-5 times less than the profit. To date, you can safely say that this trading methodology is perfect, and will suit even novice traders.

Genesis Matrix is quite simple to understand. All you need is to install the indicators described above and carefully monitor their indications. Of course, we still need to take decisions carefully and not hurry. For example, it's important to keep an eye on Arrow. Even if the account has accumulated a certain sum, and the arrow has not appeared, it’s better to close the order. In this case, the probability of a trend reversal and a substantial drawdown is high.

After all, we can still say that you shouldn’t follow the rules blindly. Try to adjust something in the system by yourself, try different variations of the entrance and exit on the demo account, "play" with time frames and currency instruments. It’s essential to work out your view on trading, and only in this case, it will bring super profits.

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