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Profitable trading robot for MT4

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 19:38
Profitable trading robot for MT4

Robots are used on Forex everywhere, and according to statistics, they make more than 70% of all transactions on the financial market. However, any trader who wants to find a profitable advisor faces a difficult task. Some of them are risky and bring significant losses. Others are too cautious, and bring a small profit, trading quite rarely. Some robots cannot withstand the release of important news, and make fatal errors. We selected several trade experts that demonstrated good results, and received many positive reviews.


This is a multi-currency robot. It combines several trading strategies, which makes it different from many other programs. As a rule, only one method is used developing the advisors (scalping, Martingale, trend strategies, etc.) Developers are reluctant to combine the techniques, as this causes a lot of difficulties, and often different algorithms prevent each other from profitable trading. Survivor successfully combines different tactics, being resistant to the fundamental factors of the foreign exchange market.

Many traders noted its stable work within the resonant political news, the gaps formation and other non-standard conditions.

Ilan Nikolaus

Some users are afraid to use robots based on the Martingale method, since their application is associated with a high risk of losing funds. Ilan Nikolaus is quite different from the other advisors of this type. It’s based on the famous Ilan 1.6, but the algorithm of the latter one was improved. The new version allows you to trade on several charts simultaneously, opening orders for both purchase and sale. Also, the creators implemented a flexible system for setting a grid of stop orders and position tracking.

Grand Master

Many traders prefer to combine several robots based on different principles of trade. If you use scalping, which allows you to earn a small profit within high volatility conditions, the risky Martingale method, complex trend systems – you’ll need a program that provides a stable income, with a low risk percentage. Grand Master is exactly such a tool. It’s based on trading the pairs with inverse correlation. It creates a grid of orders with a small Take Profit level of 20 points.

The best result is demonstrated by the use of AUD/USD and EUR/AUD pairs, but it’s also possible to choose the other correlating pairs.

Wall Street Forex Robot Evolution

It’s a new version of the popular robot which continues holding the leading positions for many years. According to the legend, the original version of the advisor was based on the leakage strategy of one of the largest investment banks. It uses trend indicators; it also has spread control mechanisms, temporary filters, drawdown liquidation modes; it knows how to take into account news, and also records the broker’s actions. The strategy of such a program isn’t risky, since it doesn’t use grids of orders and averaging methods.


This is a risky, but profitable tool. It’s based on the Martingale strategy, trading the USD/JPY pair, which is atypical for this method. Profitability of the robot is confirmed by a lot of positive feedbacks. Also, users note the stability of the program in conditions of the resonant political events.

Generic A-TLP

This program is the fruit of the work of many market enthusiasts. It’s an open source tool. The process of trading is based on rollbacks from the trend. The Bollinger bands are used as the main indicator, the orders are opened when the price rolls back of the channel boundaries for a few pips. Risky methods are not used. The robot showed excellent results, both in the test mode, and on the real accounts.


This is an effective expert for the weekly gaps. It uses a complex algorithm, identifying only suitable gaps, and analyzing a wide range of technical tools. Also, the robot takes into account the size of the spread, and has a flexible system of tracking positions.

Remember that before using an advisor on the real accounts, it’s worth testing it on a demo account to learn all the features of the tool in practice.

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