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Trend Explosian System - Rules of the Strategy

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 00:00
Trend Explosian System: Rules of the Strategy

Trend Explosian System is the custom strategy, which is very popular among the fans of binary options. However, it will be also efficient in the Forex market. This technique is good for scalpers, even for the beginning traders.

First, it should be noted that the system is relatively young and has not been tested much, so you cannot find the optimal parameters for different financial instruments immediately. We will consider the key features of Trend Explosian System for each particular trader.

General characteristics of the Trend Explosian System forex strategy

Authors and developers of the presented forex strategy claim that this system can bring a stable profit even to beginners. In fact, this is a multi-currency and multi-indicator trading method that has a clear and straightforward working algorithm. Such an event attracts many traders since it’s possible to understand what the program does logically, and so control it. Another advantage is that the signals don’t redraw, which allows you to predict the trading results with accuracy.

It's easy to guess that Trend Explosian System belongs to a trend class, although it has many scalping elements. As for general settings, you can use a time frame higher than H1 and trade this way with any instruments - there are no restrictions. The best signals can be received on the D1 period.

Before we begin considering how the program works in detail, we suggest checking how it looks:

100001-рис 1

Used Trading Robots

The developers of such a method used three non-standard indicators, such as:

  • Signal Indicator - draws signals directly on the chart, showing the current direction of the price. Easy enough to read;

100001-рис 2

  • Super Trend Indicator - another trend indicator that is used to confirm trading signals;

100001-рис 3

  • StopLoss Indicator - an information robot that can be used to set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. This tool isn’t necessary, but it will be especially useful for beginners.

100001-рис 4

Those who have already tested the strategy in practice, suggest using Stop Loss according to the method of the latest local extremum adjusting Take Profit depending on the current situation on the market.

Trading signals for purchase according to the Trend Explosian System

As we have already mentioned above, the strategy uses two basic technical tools. Their signals serve as the moments of entering the market or closing the positions. Thus, to open a Buy order, you must receive signals from both trading assistants simultaneously. There will be turning points from a downtrend to an uptrend. Visually it will look like this:

100001-рис 5 (1)

Limit levels can be set according to the StopLoss Indicator.

You can close the order in two ways:

  • When the price crosses the Take Profit;
  • When the signals of the indicators change drastically, showing the moment for entering the sale.

Trading Signals for Sale

To open a sell order, a trader should make sure the signs of both indicators will show exactly the opposite situation to the opening of the purchase.

The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are set in the same way. That’s also a way to get out of the position.

100001-рис 6 (1)

Summary about the Trend Explosian System

As you can see, the Trend Explosian System strategy is quite simple, although you need to use non-standard indicators working with it. Some traders use arrow tools instead of those used by the authors. It is a matter of choice for everyone - such robots may be more or less useful for someone. The main thing is not to rely on the signals of the single tool, but always involve another one for testing.

As for the stop orders, this robot generates sufficient levels, and if you rely on them, there is a high probability of a profitable transaction. But it's a good idea to check the levels and the online situation on the market - perhaps one day it can make a super profit.

Therefore, we draw attention to the fact that the methodology is not fully tested, so we don’t recommend using it in real trading immediately!

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