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How to determine errors in the Expert Advisor?

Monday, 3 July 2017 09:04

All Expert Advisors actions and errors are registered in separate files "log file" (logs) and stored in the folders of the MT4 platform. You can find these logs in the C:\Program Files\Directory, or in the "Journal" tab directly on the trading platform.

You should know that critical errors will only stop the Expert Advisor running. When such error is detected in the script, the program notifies you by the corresponding “Error window.”

One of the most common reasons for these failures is the incorrect configuration of it on the trading platform. Most often it happens if the "Enable trade" field was not activated in the settings.

To modify this option, you need to open the "Expert Advisors" tab in the "Adjustment" window (Tools tab) and set the line "Allow the Expert Advisors to trade."

Other possible reasons why Expert Advisor doesn’t work are demo version which has limited options, exceeded default restrictions, inappropriate trading terminal, or technical errors when writing the advisor, etc.