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Why the Expert Adviser does not trade?

Monday, 3 July 2017 09:03

All computer applications have problems from time to time, and this is inevitable. It often happens that during the automatic trading the trader notices that the Expert Adviser does not work. There may be several reasons for that, but mostly this is due to a simple carelessness when setting up the robot and the trading terminal.

Let’s find out what a non-working adviser means. If it does not work, he just does not enter into a single transaction. If he trades at a loss, then it is considered working, but its settings are out of date, and optimization of the parameters is required.

So, one of the most common reasons for failure is the incorrect configuration of the adviser on the trading platform. Most often it happens if the "Enable trade" field was not activated in the settings of the expert.

To change this setting, you need to open the "Expert Advisors" tab in the "Adjustment" window (Tools tab) and set the line "Allow the Expert Advisors to trade."

Other possible reasons why Expert Advisor doesn’t work are: the demo version with the limited options, exceeded default restrictions, inappropriate trading terminal, technical errors when writing the advisor, etc.