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How to modify the Expert Advisor parameters?

Monday, 3 July 2017 09:02

To install or remove the Expert Advisor, use the MetaEditor application built-in the MetaTrader 4. It is a convenient and versatile tool for creating an advisor, custom indicators, scripts, and libraries of any complexity which are used in the platform. Ready-made applications automatically appear in MetaTrader 4 and can be launched immediately.

After creation, the Expert Advisors are saved in the "Experts" folder as files with the extension "MQ4" (source text) and "EX4" (executable code).

After the Expert Advisor starts, specify its parameters. Here are the main: "Name" - the name of the adviser, "Author" - data about the developer of the advisor, "Link" - the URL of the adviser's developer website and "Parameters" - the list of input parameters. To add a new parameter, click the "Add" button. The Delete button is used to remove the optional parameter.

To remove the attached Expert Advisor, you can perform the command on the chart context menu “Expert Advisors - Remove" or overlay another Expert Advisor. The menu command "Tools - Options - Expert Advisors - Enable Expert Advisors," the button in the "Charts" panel and the accelerator keys Ctrl + E allow to prohibit (allow) the use of all the advisors attached to the charts. At the same time, the attached Expert Advisors are not deleted. To test the efficiency of the Expert Advisor, a unique tool is created - the multifunctional window "Strategy Tester."

Attaching the Expert Advisor to the chart is done by the command "Attach to a Chart" or by double-clicking on the selected Expert Advisor in the "Navigator" window.