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How to install OpenCL for MetaTrader 5

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 09:41
How to install OpenCL for MetaTrader 5

The OpenCL framework is used for applications development. It allows to optimize and speed up work of the computer programs, including indicators and advisers of MetaTrader 5 trading terminals. Many traders have already appreciated the benefits of parallel computing and are happy to use this tool in their work. However, for some users, the process of OpenCL installing on their computer causes difficulties. In this article, we'll look at how this framework is useful for traders and how to install and use it for MQL5 programs.

What is OpenCL

OpenCL is an open template for writing programs using parallel programming capabilities. It was developed in 2008 by Khronos Group. OpenCL allows you to create applications that can perform parallel computing on CPUs or graphics cards with different architectures.

Due to this, programs, whose algorithm involves long calculations, work much faster. These programs include trading advisors written in MQL5, which perform complex processing of historical data based on the indications of several indicators and on different timeframes. Such programs are written using the OpenCL API. Therefore, the device on which they will be installed must be powerful enough to support parallel computing.

What is needed for support of OpenCL

MQL5-programs are supported by OpenCL, starting with version 1.1, which was introduced in 2010. Earlier software does not allow to use parallel computing for work of the MetaTrader 5 robots. However, such software is rare now. So, almost every trader can use OpenCL applications to speed up the performance of indicators and trading advisors.

It is not necessary to integrate a video card into the PC to work with OpenCL. It is absolutely not needed if you have a relatively powerful processor. However, it should be noted that this applies to multi-core processors. Weaker devices are far below the graphics cards in the speed of computations.

You can install a graphics card by AMD and NVIDIA or use an Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processor to start computing with OpenCL support directly from MQL5-programs. If your PC is equipped with at least one of these devices, and the operating system supports OpenCL 1.1, you can go to the configuration of the framework.

OpenCL configuring

The process of OpenCL setting up is determined by the kind of hardware - video card or processor that the MetaTrader 5 client terminal recognized. If it is a video card that supports OpenCL, it is enough to update its driver to the latest version.

AMD video card

To update the driver, you need to go to the download page by the link - On the left side of the page, you need to fill in the data of the video card and click the "Display Results" button.

picture 1

You can also use the automatic search for drivers by typing "AMD Catalyst" in the line. After the application downloading, it will analyze the system and prompt you to download the correct driver. Download and run the downloader file, after which the installation process will begin.

picture 2

Upon completion, you will be able to use the OpenCL capabilities.

NVidia graphics card

To update the graphics card driver to the latest version, click on the link - and select the required version using manual or automatic mode.

picture 3

If you select automatic search, you will be prompted to scan the system using the "GPU_Reader" application.

picture 4

The program will select the appropriate driver and offer you to download it. After downloading, run the executable file and wait for the installation process to finish. Next, you need to restart the computer to start using OpenCL for the MT5 terminal.

Intel Processor

If there is no suitable video card, and the work will be performed through the CPU, you need to install a special SDK (software development kit) for it. For the Intel processor, the SDK is "Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications". It can be downloaded from the developer's website by the link -, clicking on the Download tab

picture 5

Next you need to select OpenCL Drivers and click the Download the driver

picture 6

Then, a list of packages with describing which operating systems and processor types each one is suitable for will appear. Select the desired package and load it. At the end, you need to unpack the installation file and go through all the installation steps.

picture 7

After the installation is complete, you can start using OpenCL in the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

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