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Virtual hosting in MetaTrader platforms - advantages and differences from VPS

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 11:29
Virtual hosting in MetaTrader platforms - advantages and differences from VPS

For successful trading in financial markets, the uninterrupted operation of the terminal is important. It is the only way to ensure the timely reaction of robots to trading signals, and as a result, a stable profit. VPS buying from a provider does not solve this problem, because such a server is not adapted to solve the trader's problems. There may be violations and failures in the work of trading robots. The rental of the virtual hosting directly from the terminal MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 is the best option in this situation.

Advantages of hosting in MetaTrader

The virtual hosting service is activated in the Navigator with two mouse clicks. Funds for rent will automatically be withdrawn from your trading account. So, you do not need to make any payments by yourself.

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The advantages of virtual hosting for MetaTrader are also its different from the usual VPS. These include:

Uninterrupted work of trading robots

The virtual hosting offered in MetaTrader is designed specifically for trading in financial markets. With its help, the uninterrupted, round-the-clock work of your trading robots is ensured. Moreover, it does not matter whether they were purchased on third-party resources or in the Market application of the MetaTrader terminal.

However, in the latter case, virtual hosting gives an additional advantage - for robots bought in the "Market", the counter of available settings does not change, while this happens after a launching of licensed products using conventional VPS.

No setup and installation required

When you start the terminal on a virtual hosting, rented on the MetaTrader platform, all settings are transferred using manual synchronization. Any additional parameter settings or repeated downloads of the trading platform are not required.

All operations with virtual hosting (start, cancel, control) are performed directly from the MetaTrader terminal. After registration of rent, the icon with the server’s name will appear in the Navigator. To bring up the hosting management window, you need to call the context menu by right-clicking on the icon and select the command "Details".

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Minimum network delays

Using a conventional VPS server, you cannot be sure that it is located close enough to the broker's server to receive information without delay. Even specialized Forex services providing VPS have servers located in 2-3 places, but this is not enough to provide coverage of all brokers. Using virtual hosting directly in MetaTrader, you can choose a hosting with the least ping - the time of the signal receipt from the selected server to your broker's server.

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Thus, by renting virtual hosting directly in Metatrader, you don’t have to worry about the trade order will not be closed in time due to the connection problems or incorrect terminal settings.

The proximity of the network to the MataTrader trading terminal ensures the fastest operation of the Internet connection and the absence of network delays. Thus, even if you do not trade yourself, but copy trading signals, your subscriptions will work with maximum accuracy.

Rental the virtual server from the terminal is much more convenient and more profitable than working on hosting from a provider. You can independently evaluate its benefits by testing for a free period of 24 hours.

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