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Forex Victory Strategy

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 15:51
Forex Victory Strategy

Victory Strategy is an indicator scalping strategy, which involves work on the M5 timeframes. It is suitable for trading any currency pairs, however, the system template is set to EUR/USD.

It is not recommended simultaneously using several assets, because it will shake trader’s stress tolerance and lead to losses. Scalping requires making quick decisions, and if you are torn between several charts, you will miss important moments for fixing a profit.

The point is that the daily trade is considered as steadier while the Victory strategy demands great attention, as it is done on the super short timeframe. Making up to 100 deals a day, you just do not have the strength to be so active even on two pairs.

We recommend you to stay calm and learn trading rules on the Victory strategy. Strictly following its conditions, you can steadily increase your income by 20% every day.

Technical Tools of the Victory strategy

First, open the quote of the pair on two charts – M1 and M5. Set up your trading in a way that you could easily observe both charts at the same time. Then, for each chart upload the pobeda_eurusd_m1 и pobeda_eurusd_m5 templates, respectively.


Following the Victory strategy, set the following indicators:

  • TMA is similar visually to the Bollinger bands. When the price touches one of the borders, expect the reversal. Near the TMA border there are figures – this is the distance from the price to the indicator line in points. This indicator makes it clear when to enter the transaction;
  • TMA Size CTF specifies the width of the price channel. This indicator should be less than 10;
  • Currency Power Meter shows how stronger one currency is against another in a traded pair. For example, if in EUR/USD the euro is stronger, it means that the pair will grow;
  • SSRC is an arrow oscillator. If other conditions for entering the market are met, the signal of this tool will be confirming. When the same signals appear on both charts, this is a powerful push for opening the deal;
  • HP DIFF is a blue and red indicator at the very bottom of the screen. It is needed for the timely exit of the market.

Additionally, the Victory strategy involves the work with two advisors:

  1. DDSMM Instant q1uickly opens and closes orders on the M5 period. To automatically calculate the lot, installation of additional parameters of the application is required;
  2. Connect VE_AIMS to the M1 TF – it will automatically set the take Profit and Stop Loss.

Also, do not forget about scripts – they optimize your work and help to focus on technical analysis.

Trading Rules

For a purchase transaction:

  • The TMA indicator must show a horizontal or upward channel on the M1 timeframe;
  • Range width – not more than 10 pips;
  • The price must bounce off the lower border;
  • The euro – stronger than the dollar;
  • SSRC shows the upward arrow.

As to the M5 timeframe, the main thing is that the price is not near the top of the range. It can be located near the lower border or in the middle of the channel.

ТР – 5 pips и SL – 15 pips.

For a sale transaction, everything should be the opposite, only the TMA should not exceed 10 pips.

Take Profit, Stop Loss – the same.


The set of indicators for the strategy is quite large, but this only increases the accuracy of the signals. It is not difficult to understand the system, it's much harder to cope with yourself after 2-3 unsuccessful transactions. Therefore, put yourself together, do not trade several pairs at once, follow the rules of the Victory strategy and you will be able to increase your profit every day by 20%, or even more.

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